Designed for Wellness – A Holistic Approach to Life at Home

We are a ways into the new year now, 2022 promised to be better than 2021 as each new year does over the one that came before it. Whether you are the kind of person to make formal resolutions, or you just see the new calendar as motivation for a fresh and enthusiastic re-start, by now you are seeing if the intentions you set are coming into good practice.  

If you are keeping up with the things that you wanted for yourself – good on you!! If you haven’t been able to do so… there could be some legitimate reasons why you have not been able to succeed with them, and find yourself re-resolving year after year…  

To succeed in any endeavour we set out upon, there are some parameters we need to put into place. It is not as simple as just stating what we want; to achieve a goal we need some clearly defined details of why it is important to us, specific measurable details about what success will look like, a cue as to when/where/how the new good habit is going to take place… and usually some form of reward, whether that be literal or a figurative result of our new undertaking. These things are all necessary to bring what you want for your life into reality!  

Believe it or not, the design of your home can play a role in the success (or failure) of your best laid plans.  

Homes are about so much more than the sum of their function – eat, sleep, wash, and repeat… they are where we resign to our rest after a long busy day, where we gather with our family and welcome our friends, where we make memories and keep the things most precious to us… but they are also our spaces of sanctuary, where we retreat for time spent alone, where we work on bettering ourselves, where we invent recipes and create art and write stories. If we are lucky our homes are a source of comfort and inspiration, and certainly the place where we should most be able to be ourselves… These days, home is also where we are spending more of our time than ever before, so all the more reason to be sure they are equipped for you to live well within! 

EVERYONE should have a space to call their own – that they can fill with whatever brings wellness to them.
You do YOU better by having dedicated spaces to improve your quality of life… at home… every day.


For some, their homes are where they work to improve physically. Keeping fit and healthy has a place in everyone’s life, if you choose to incorporate these elements into your home life, you can do so at whatever scale suits you.  

The key to succeeding with your physical wellness intentions is to make it as easy as possible to start. If you’re all set up and ready to go, when the urge comes to your body, all you need to do is move to this dedicated space, and you are ready to start! No hold up. 


There are so many ways to work on our minds – whether input or output is the name of your game – a ‘concentration station’ is a MUST for the studious and the creative. There are several ways that this kind of space can be incorporated into your home, so really think about how you like (or would like) to spend this typically quieter time, and then be sure to tell your designer about it, so that they can dedicate a space for each and all who need it in your household. 

This large custom home boasts “offices” for Him and Her, and the Kids’ dedicated homework station too! 

It doesn’t have to be grand to be great… for you, wellness could simply mean … 

Whatever it is, if it’s important to you, it deserves to be designed into your home. 


Spiritual wellness can be a completely unique notion to everyone. We are going to choose to consider anything that lifts your spirits and makes your heart sing to be a contribution to your spiritual wellness, and an accomplishment towards its betterment. For the sake of your home, spaces that help with your spiritual wellness can be those of solitude or of togetherness. It can be a room dedicated to the activity of your choosing, or a simple calming space to sit and ponder… 

Spaces dedicated to quality time, family experiences, and memory making count too – game rooms/tables, home theatre rooms… 

There is some overlap as well… certain spaces garner wellness in more than one area of life...  

Even the way that some main spaces are being designed can be in the best interest of improving overall wellness. A perfect example is the increasingly popular secondary kitchen space; hiding the cook prep allows homeowners to relax, knowing that the mess of entertainment won’t be on display 

Home is like your personal charging station, the place you go “re-charge you  
Create space for making calm, reducing stress, and restoring body + mind  
consider the colours, features, and finishes in these spaces too! 

If you are in the process of designing a house, discuss with your designer what your ideal day looks like in your home, they will have suggestions for how you can build a little wellness into every space.  
If you aren’t planning any major projects right away, look around, to see where you may be able to rearrange things to carve out a special little space for yourself (or a big one if you have an important goal!)  

Or, at the very least recognize how the spaces you have contribute to your wellness and be grateful for them ???? 

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What People Are Saying

Lawrence Green

"I was impressed not only by Sarah's design ability, but also with her level of construction knowledge. I have heard that a lot of designers are good at making things pretty, but are not that great at understanding how things are actually built- Sarah is fantastic at both. I recommend them to anyone and everyone I know without hesitation."

Diane and Vince Grdina

"We had the pleasure of working with Sarah on the construction of our new home. We had a lot of fun working with them and found them always thoughtful, mindful, and professional. We would highly recommend their firm and would use them again without hesitation."

Pete Rackow

"We were immediately impressed with Sarah's ability to assess our needs and understand the type of home my wife and I wanted for us and our 3 boys. Her attention to detail is flawless and every inch of our fully renovated home is thoroughly thought through. I felt like they cared about our home as much as we the homeowners did."