Furniture Arrangement for Optimized Living

Chances are being at home so much lately has you living a little differently than your home is set up for, or you may just need a re-fresh! Furniture arrangements are endless, however there is a best way to set it up – and that is the way that it will work best for YOU!  

formal home office with 2 desk working spacesThink about how your room is functioning – not necessarily forever, but for how you are living in it now  this will, to some extent, prescribe which furniture pieces you need in the room, which is the first step. 

Next identify if there is an obvious focal point within your room, this will be the thing that every other piece will play to; it could be a fireplace, a beautiful view window, or a large television screen. If there isn’t one, you can create one – it could be a centered table with a beautiful arrangement that provokes conversation, it could be a large bulletin board in your office where you pin all your inspirations. You need a starting place, so make that choice

What are your priority pieces? Of course, it depends on the room, in a bedroom… you got it, the bed! In an office the desk, in your living room the couch. The key pieces will likely face the focal pointplacing these makes the rest go pretty smooth, as all the other furnishings fill in around these priority pieces.  

Find balance, or not… this is the time when you get to set the vibe for your room. If you want to create a more formal space, go for symmetry with the additional pieces you add in. For instance, across from your couch, you might place 2 chairs balanced with 2 side tables and 2 lamps. If you don’t have matched pieces like this, you can still create a beautiful room, it will just likely have a more casual feeling when finished.  

Be sure to leave paths for access throughout the room, and avoid blocking doorways whenever possible, to create a comfortable flow. You should also consider convenience, each person seated in your living room will need somewhere to set their drink down.  

Variety is the spice of lifeso don’t be afraid to mix and match pieces, complimentary but different shapes, textures, and patterns – you can keep it cohesive through a colour palate or a consistent wood, or metal tone. You can think outside the box by pulling pieces from different rooms; if you have a side table in your bedroom that might work better in the living room, consider giving it a new life. You may end up feeling like you have new furniture simply by repurposing things throughout your home. 

Before you break a sweat – grab your tape measure and do some planning… make sure that the pieces you intend to put in their new places will fit. You can even make a little sketch, if you fancy playing at design 😉 … have fun! And love the outcome of your new space! 

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