The Importance in Hiring a Qualified Designer

What Interior Designers actually do…

Your designer is responsible for the planning of your home – ensuring that it will function well for the intended purpose, so the decision is a very important one and should be considered carefully. A great set of plans requires a designer with the high level of qualifications required to create those plans.

Design and planning are the most important parts of achieving your dream home, think about it… your home design package is the map to building your house. Almost any builder can read the map, to build the house, if the design documents and drawings are done right! This means that selecting the right designer is the most critical and impactful choice that you will make when you decide to build or renovate your home. Design may seem like a small part of the overall picture of building your home, but the design dollars are the most important that you will spend… spent properly, they ensure that your dreams can be built right!

We want to help you understand what interior designers actually do. You should take hiring a design professional as seriously as you would any other professional; architect, engineer… or doctor for that matter, if you want a healthy house. An NCIDQ certified design professional will take considerations to ensure your home is functional and innovative – sound and secure – healthy and safe; not to mention their mastery in all the considerations necessary to create timeless aesthetic beauty in the design.

The SGDI design team has worked hard to hold a high level of design credential; achieved not only through their formal educations but also through their vast amounts of working experience. The elevated skill set of a true designer is as much a science as it is an art. Creative structural considerations ensure the home is of benefit to your quality of life within it as well as the environment outside of it.

Having your home designed properly saves you time and money – making changes on paper is a lot easier than making changes during construction, which are costly and time consuming. We make adaptations to nearly every set of house plans that cross our desks, and that is a lot, because we often see areas for improvement in aesthetics and functionality. This is because the most qualified of architects, who draw beautiful houses, are not necessarily thinking of what happens inside them; of how the spaces work together and complement each other, of how you live, of whether you will love how it functions… start from scratch with a qualified designer who takes all of these things into consideration from the very beginning of creating your home.

There is no formal training or licensing required to call yourself an ‘Interior Designer’, do your research, ensure that you are hiring an NCIDQ Certified Design Professional. The requirements an interior designer must hold in order to be as qualified as Sarah Gallop are in place to leave you feeling complete confidence in the fact that you have hired the BEST; that your needs will be met, your dream home brought to life! 

We aren’t fluffing pillows over here, though we fluff a pretty mean pillow at the end of your project in order to create those gorgeous finished project photos you can admire in our portfolio!


What People Are Saying

Lawrence Green

"I was impressed not only by Sarah's design ability, but also with her level of construction knowledge. I have heard that a lot of designers are good at making things pretty, but are not that great at understanding how things are actually built- Sarah is fantastic at both. I recommend them to anyone and everyone I know without hesitation."

Diane and Vince Grdina

"We had the pleasure of working with Sarah on the construction of our new home. We had a lot of fun working with them and found them always thoughtful, mindful, and professional. We would highly recommend their firm and would use them again without hesitation."

Pete Rackow

"We were immediately impressed with Sarah's ability to assess our needs and understand the type of home my wife and I wanted for us and our 3 boys. Her attention to detail is flawless and every inch of our fully renovated home is thoroughly thought through. I felt like they cared about our home as much as we the homeowners did."