No Place Like Home

It was decided to renovate this family home upon discovery that there was simply no other place that could compare with all the memories this house held. Plans to rebuild the cherished home began with extensive renovation design for a modernized ‘new house’ that would serve its current generation. The new floorplan is open concept, providing functional sprawling spaces to entertain… bringing the indoors out, and the outdoors in… A beautiful new kitchen takes the place of a cluttered and under-utilized sun-porch, where luxury gourmet elements and a window overlooking the pool, make this kitchen an absolute pleasure to work in! Upstairs, a 150 square foot bathroom exudes luxury from the oriental white marble tiles to the vaulted ceiling… there really is no place like home!






What People Are Saying

Lawrence Green

"I was impressed not only by Sarah's design ability, but also with her level of construction knowledge. I have heard that a lot of designers are good at making things pretty, but are not that great at understanding how things are actually built- Sarah is fantastic at both. I recommend them to anyone and everyone I know without hesitation."

Diane and Vince Grdina

"We had the pleasure of working with Sarah on the construction of our new home. We had a lot of fun working with them and found them always thoughtful, mindful, and professional. We would highly recommend their firm and would use them again without hesitation."

Pete Rackow

"We were immediately impressed with Sarah's ability to assess our needs and understand the type of home my wife and I wanted for us and our 3 boys. Her attention to detail is flawless and every inch of our fully renovated home is thoroughly thought through. I felt like they cared about our home as much as we the homeowners did."